As the security of your information is Vertex Headhunting’ first concern, we put in place the following Privacy Policy to protect your personal data and safeguard your rights in respect of it.

The Privacy Policy outlines how Vertex Headhunting collect, process and store your personal information at different stages of recruitment process: starting from us assisting you in a job search, supporting you during your employment with us and/or continuing the relationship with you once you have been offered a role with a company.

This Policy is relevant to all the personal data we receive from you directly, through our website, social media, job boards as well as we may obtain from third parties during the recruitment process.

The Privacy Policy was created taking into consideration the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (the "GDPR") and it will be amended as and when it will be required by any changes to the Regulation.


We acquire the personal information:

Please also note that we get access to your personal data through your social media and online activity. By liking or following Vertex Headhunting’ Facebook fan page, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ as well as checking our website, we may indirectly obtain the personal information that you share using these media or the internet.


At any stage of the recruitment process, we only ask you to send us the information that we need or are legally obliged to have to proceed.

In order to enter or be considered for any recruitment process managed by Vertex Headhunting, we need certain information about you, usually in a form of CV or LinkedIn profile. At this initial stage we need the following:

We may then contact you to obtain further details that will be required to proceed with your application for a specific job, such as:

Going further in the process we may request the following:

Finally, when you are successful in obtaining the job with Vertex Headhunting or with one of our Clients we may request the following:


All personal information you provide to any of Vertex Headhunting consultants is handed securely and respectfully.

Before we save, process or share your personal data with any third party, we reach you to make sure that you have full knowledge of what we are going to do and to obtain your clear agreement for us to do that.

Depending on the stage of the recruitment process, we may share your personal information with the following:

All our Clients and your potential employers have their own data protection measures to securely handle your personal information.


The personal data that you entrusted with Vertex Headhunting is stored in a securely manner to prevent any loss, misuse or unauthorised access. We put a number of protective measures both electronically and physically, to protect your information from any intentional or unintentional breach.

The information that you provided us with or we obtain during our cooperation is stored for a certain period of time.

Any information collected for recruitment purposes will be stored for 36 consecutive months and erased completely from our records if we will not have any meaningful communication with you during that period of time. By meaningful communication we understand: phone conversation or email exchange in which you actively participate and which results in your personal information update or entering another relevant recruitment process.

The personal data collected for the purpose of your contract of employment with Vertex Headhunting will be stored for the periods required by certain legislations such as: Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, Unfair Dismissal Act 1977-2007, Revenue Commissioners PAYE Guide for Employers and others.


We will not be able to collect, store, process and share any of your personal information without your clear consents for us to do so. In order to express your consent, you need to reply positively to a Consent Request Email you will receive from a Vertex Headhunting consultant. The email is stored with your personal data as a proof of your consent.

If you submit a CV through our website there is a Declaration of Consent that you need to read and tick the box to agree.

At each stage of the recruitment process you have right to withdraw your consent to proceed with your data.

You have right to update and change your personal data at any stage of recruitment process. If you wish to do so please contact your Vertex Headhunting consultant or email and ask for the desired changes.

You have right to access and check your personal information (only that you provide us with, excluding reference or performance assessments we obtained in the process). If you wish to do so please contact your consultant and they will provide you with the required details within a period no longer 30 working days.

You have right to have all your personal data removed from our records. You can express that wish to your Vertex Headhunting consultant or by emailing

If you believe that your personal data has been handled in an inappropriate way, you have right to file a complaint with your local supervisory authority:

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Phone: (+353;) 57 8684800 or (+353) (0)761 104 80 or 1890 252 231 (Local)


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